Full Time Courses

The principle aim of the current educational curriculum of the Darul Uloom is to mould students towards the broader educational development based on the Holy Qur’aan and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW), as one who would be fully equipped, not only to give guidance in the best possible way to the Muslim Ummah, but to be in a position to remedy and control newly invented mischief as well as to present Islam to the masses in its pristine purity. On the basis of this objective, such literary courses are included in the curriculum, which would become a means of achieving deeper insight into religion and a discerning eye for reflection and introspection, in order to fulfill and satisfy the demands of the day.

Thus, through the blessings of Allah Almighty, this Edcutaional Institute would, through the following courses be able to produce such scholars, who would be the true heirs of Prophetic Knowledge, and who would be amongst those who would eradicate all forms of falsehood educationally, intellectually and argumentatively so as to establish a society based on high morality and spiritual enlightenment.

Aalim Course

This is a comprehensive course extended over a period of six years, and one additional serving a internship year, based on religious and secular subjects. The graduates of this course would be assisted, where possible, to obtain a scholarship or entrance into an accredited national/international university to further their qualifications in order to develop themselves in the fields of politics,economics, law, and a variety of areas which require the skills of personnel trained on both an Islamic and tertiary academic level.

Hifzul Qur'aan & Tajweed

This course enables the student to commit to memory the entire Holy Qur’aan. This is done by ensuring that the students become well acquinted with the sciences of recitation. This course does not have a fixed period, but is dependent on the ability and effort of the student.

Imaamat Course

The curriculum for this course is spread over three years. The successful students are given a certificate upon completion of the course

Secular Education

Full-time students registered for any of the above courses can enroll for secular education from grade eight onwards

Acedamic Updates

Updates regarding the acedamic calender, events and courses.

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