Islamic Dawah Centre

Indeed the fundamental source of guidance is the religion Islam; Allaah Almighty has established the religion of Islam as the best religion, as stated in the Holy Qur’aan.

ان الدین عنداللہ الاسلام – Surely, the true Religion by Allah is Islam. (S3:V19)

Hazrat Ali Radiyal Laahu Anhu has said that if any person comes towards guidance or accepts Islam because of me, it is indeed much better than giving a hundred red camels in the path of Allaah as charity.

It is for this reason that when we read the anals of history, we get to know that the Companions of the Holy Prophet Sallal Laahu Alaiyhi Wa Sallam, being fully equipped and enlightened with their presence in the court of the Holy Prophet Sallal Laahu Alaiyhi Wa Sallam. When they left their hometowns and went to distant lands, they did not forget the basic mission; which was to spread the religion of Islam. This is the sole reason that Islam has spread across the world.

وامر بالمعروف وانہ عن المنکر – And bid the doing of good and forbid evil. (S31:V17)

One of the links of this system of propagating Islam is the ISLAMIC DAWAH CENTRE, situated in Bengal Street, Laudium. Darul Uloom Pretoria assumed responsibilities of this centre some five years ago in conjunction with Noorul-Islam Academy. Realizing the potential from its location, regular on foot visits to the residents of Iterileng are undertaken by senior students of Darul Uloom. Personal interaction yields a response from the residents of this informal settlement. The number of learners at this centre now exceeds sixty. The centre intends to move in a direction in the future to provide awareness campaigns in regards Islam to the adult inhabitants of this settlement

The centre endeavours to teach Islam to non-Muslims. They are given education regarding basic beliefs, Islamic ethics, morals, laws as well as Quranic recital lessons. They are also taught about the history of the Prophets. Together with education, there is a system in place to feed the students. The students that complete their basic Islamic education are then sent to Islamic institutes for higher Islamic education.

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Announcements of Dawah & Welfare initiatives as well as humanitarian projects.

Darul Uloom Pretoria Ramadaan 1439 Appeal

Ramadaan Appeal 1439

The Darul Uloom Pretoria is a centre of excellence in Higher Islamic Education that has produced hundreds of self-confident, dedicated and responsible Ulama & Huffaz, tutored with the bias of the …
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