October 20, 2018

Graduation 2018 Special Site

Darul Uloom Pretoria Graduation 2018

The Darul Uloom Pretoria has created an online portal relating to the proceedings of its 29th Annual Graduation Ceremony of Ulama & Huffaz. The portal will provide the latest updates, an overview of the events and graduates, views from graduates, parents and other guests, live video streams and recordings of each event and much more. The following are items you can expect to find on the page:

  • Details for each event including map directions
  • Updates on guests that will attend the event. These will include prominent scholars and dignitaries
  • Personal profiles of each member of the graduating classes
  • Special insights from the graduates in the Takhasus fil Fiqh (Mufti) Course
  • Videos reviews by graduates, parents, family and visiting scholars and dignitaries
  • Insights into each of the competition finalists and a view of their road to the final
  • Interesting facts about the Darul Uloom Pretoria
  • A view of past graduations, visitors and graduates
  • Live streaming of each of the events
  • Individual videos of each of the competition winners
  • Exclusive images of each event and the lead-ups to them

You can also contribute to the experience by sharing your views on the Darul Uloom Pretoria and this year’s graduation ceremony.


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